We decided to write a book.

On our way home from the SoL (Society for Organizational Learning) Global Forum in Muscat, Oman me and Tatu decided to write a book. We can go back few paths to understand where the idea comes from. Firstly we shouldn’t forget our shared experience in Team Academy (and especially Team Mastery) and all the books we’ve read. But at least in my case, there are few of them that especially inspired me. Karaoke Capitalism written by K. Nordström and J. Riddersträle is a big source of inspiration. The second one is “Muodonmuutos” by Finnish philosopher E.Saarinen. Third one is Project50 by Tom Peters and fourth Orbiting the Giant Hairball by MacKenzie. On the Saeb airport in Muscat I bought a book by P. Arde called It’s not how good you are, but how good you want to be. Just before the SoL GF I read the book by MacKenzie and thought that this would be an excellent gift for customers. After reading few pages of the book by Arde I thought about the same thing about his book. Meanwhile, I had also been reading book by S. Godin which is called Small is the New Big. From there I picked up the phrase do the never. Tatu got very excited about it too. We were on the plane from Muscat to Abu Dhabi or from Abu Dhabi to Frankfurt, I am not quite sure anymore. We were playing with the idea how we had already been implementing the idea of do the never in many cases of the history of Monkey Business and before too. Then suddenly it occurred to our mind, let us write a book that we can give to our customers. It would be another example of doing the never as usually books are written by people on their mid 40’s or even retired people. Maybe that’s why many seminars are boring and frustrating as it’s old people who’s written books telling about them. So we decided to write a book when we are still young, just about to launch ourselves to the field of business coaching

The book will consist short stories and writings on roughly five different areas. One is stories from real life lived by us or by people close to us. Second one is more theoretical where we open shortly some theories behind our way of working. Third section contains ideas that we want to make reality in near future. Fourth section is different questions or quotes that have inspired us and keep inspiring us. Fifth are is the pictures spread around the book.

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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