Stories from SoL Oman GF part 1

As you may or may not have realized the fact that Monkey Business was in SoL Global Forum in Oman with 5 persons crew has inspired and affected my thinking quite a lot recently. I thought I could start writing stories behind the scenes meaning I will tell you what really happened over there. Here’s the first one that brought smile on my face again this morning as I woke up.We had a spot on the Learning Souq which in practise meant that we had a small spot where we could present our work and talk with other forum participants.

So we did take contact with people on the souq, usually chatting with them, telling a little bit about us and also asking what are they doing. Tatu had a special style of asking their level of interest and delivering material according to that. First he gave everyone Team Academy’s Leading Thoughts and asked if the person was really interested. If the person was he/she would get also Team academy book. Another way was to tell them to read the Leading Thoughts in the evening and come back next day for the book if they were still interested.

So what happened was that we heard a good story from one person (I don’t know actually who this was, supposedly someone from Sweden). He had been reading the book in his hotel room in the evening, and he had gotten until specific point which I cannot remember right now when his roommate came into the room. Immediately as the newcomer saw the book he had said: ”Hey, you’ve got the book!” and ran towards the bed and practically stole the book from the owner. And after that, the book owner didn’t get to read it anymore at that night because his roommate wanted to read it.

You can order the book from me ( for the price of 25€ including the postage fees if you don’t have a copy yet. And if you realize you’re part of this story please let me know, too.

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