Trusting The Process?

The art of almost planning the workshop. 16 hours to go and we hardly have any idea of the bigger picture what is going to happen. I think we feel it in our guts, and we had good time in the train.

 Henna says that we should or we could make a spoon list. In Finnish we have a saying ”to throw your spoon to corner”. It means to pass away, die, be gone for good. So the meaning of spoon list is to write down things you want to do before you ”throw your spoon to the corner”. Dreams, baby, dreams adds Tatu.

We are rather hungry and our sanity is starting to fade away… But dinner awaits for us in the ferry. I bet there the ideas for the workshop will also come up. Ville, Ville, Tatu & Henna. Tatu & Ville Hast

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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