10 Thesis of Traveling by Monkey Ville

It was a family business. Also Grandma was involved.

Monkeys travel around the world. It’s the final ”grande finale” part of our journey at Team Academy. The journey is the goal. Hanne took her trip early in 2007. Leena’s turn was late 2007. Ville went early 2008. Now in January 20th Henna, Hugo, Johanna, Tatu and Ville will travel with their teams Groovit and Cameo for about 8 weeks. Because of that Ville opened his notebook and read through the 10 thesis he wrote after 7 weeks of traveling while relaxing in a hammock in a small island of Koh Phayam East of Thailand.

The Bungalow I stayed at

So here they are, 10 thesis of traveling (if reference known mentioned in brackets):

  1. You have to go afar in order to see close.
  2. It’s good to hear stories from outside your circles (abroad) in order to get distance to your own story that may sometimes be depressing. (P.Senge in Presence)
  3. When you are traveling it is good think what traveling really is and why you are traveling.
  4. Where are you from? Where are you now? Where are you going?
  5. Traveling is good practice for giving up/away as you have to let go many things.
  6. Less is more.
    1. The less you pack the more you will get. (John P. Milton via Presence)
    2. The less you plan the more you get. (Madventures)
  7. Trust the process and that the story will carry you (Tatu Tuohimetsä). Being scared is hardly ever useful. Although don’t wrap the money belt around your head and jump around in dark side of the city.
  8. Think about the right an good questions. When talking with others try to get beyond the ”traveler” cliches.
  9. Listen and look around. Wonder. Be surprised. Smile.
  10. Slow down. When traveling you have to have plenty of time. Take it slower (Asa). Your soul must be able to follow you (Madventures).

Gilles and Phatsara’s place

That’s the sign for the place where I stayed in Thailand.

Written by Monkey Ville.

Edit: May 24 2010: Three more for the road!

11. If we enjoy the journey we are not in hurry.
12. If I get one idea to take home with me and I put it in action, I consider the trip to be a succesful.
13. Trust the process. The journey will change you. (Johannes Partanen & Paulo Coelho)

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