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We did experimental two hour workshop at Hope-Myrsky this Tuesday. Tatu was the MC (and did excellent job!) in the two day event, and me and Johanna were the Monkey Business workshop facilitators. Hanne read the story about mice and cheese and change inspired by Spencer Johnson’s book ”Who Moved My Cheese?”.

Above are the slides, and they can be also downloaded from here as a pdf. Most of the theory is from Peter Senge’s book Fifth Discipline. Slides are mostly in Finnish, I had prepared them three years ago when the game was invented. The theory part didn’t go so well, it was teaching not coaching. I talked and others listened. Not so good. Tatu gave me a good advice, as he was observing our workshop from the back of the room: ”How about asking people what are Mental Models, and then just adding something by yourself if needed?” Yes, this is what we shall do next time, but before that we have to make more mistakes in order to learn more.
Tatu observing our workshop
Just before my theory we had done good action by re-organizing the space together: ”Let’s take the tables away!” and did Bar-Camp inspired three word introduction, although people were going around and meeting others and just saying their names and tree words. So not necessarily everybody met everyone else, but there was again good action and talking and meeting new people.
Ville, Hanne, Johanna at the back
We got plenty of new questions, and they will be available for you with a creative commons license as soon as we get them on to digital form. Also we are working on making the whole game to be available with some kind of open license for you to use as well.
Pictures featured in this article are courtesy of the HOPE project PR Lady Jenni Ahlstedt. Thanks a lot and nice to meet you! Yellow regards, Ville

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