Man who fears nothing got scared

Tatu, Hugo and Johanna did a Monkey Session at one school on 19th of May. Here’s a report of that written by Tatu. Ville got a message on the same day from Tatu saying: ”It wasn’t a breakthrough, but something worth writing to our blog.” So here we go! Photography by Tuomas Vuorio.

Hugo and Tatu ready to Rock!

It all started with AV technics which doesn´t work, no sound from video, useless microphone and man who was in response disappeared. But I and Hugo kept on going with good energy. After check in participants had a “thumb-barometer”. By this tool we get fast and instant feedback about participants feelings. And what we got was some mid-fingers among few thumbs. We continued by a question in small groups. Hugo participated in one group and what he faced was a girl who growled angrily to him. And by Hugo this girl didn´t do it for fun. Hugo got scared. And there is no thing which Hugo would be afraid of. We didn´t reach a breakthrough, we couldn’t get them enthusiastic. Did we use our energy for nothing?

The Venue and the People

Participants were student from vocational school and mainly between 16 to 18 years. But that does not explain their behaviors. Why could not we get them ignited?

1.) Systems intelligence

What kind of system/s we created in the beginning when participants arrived? Importance of start! Did we allow them to slip from being present? Did we let them to create system instead of our system? How to create positive systems among teenagers?

2.) Taking things seriously

Philosopher Esa Saarinen talks a lot about taking things seriously. (Also Ville Keränen speaks for this.) People to be more serious about what they do, for speaking from their hearts and showing who they really are. Putting yourself in the risk of being laughed at and shoving out your emotions. How could our society empower youngsters to be more self-confident, more encouraging to each other and more collective? How could we get youngsters to take things seriously?

I really feel that there is a real need for Monkey Business in this world. Monkeys to make world more happy, loving and collective. Human. Yellow. With you.

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