Spark Coaching at Rymättylä

Rymättylä 25. – 26.5.2009

Yellow Flowers of Rymättylä

It was Monday morgning at 6.30 am. Red Toyota literally slinged itself from Jyväskylä to near by Turku´s archipelago, a town called Rymättylä. We were about to coach over there. In the car sat two bananas (Hugo and Johanna) and with them there were Satu Haka from Cromita and Vellu Junkkari from Brand Brothers Ay. Four of us were going to do something known as Spark-coaching. In Rymättylä there were 14 chef students and their teachers waiting for us.

More Coaching

With students we talked about entrepreunership and their future goals. Also we asked how does a good workplace and good leader look like. We talked about learning, attitude for life and the ”carpe diem” philosophy. Students told us that during those two days they learned that it´s not so bad to be an entrepreneur and that they had had really good conversations among themselves. They had got insights also about teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Coaching at the Archipelago

While we were coaching the students, the radikal teachers planned about renewing the whole degree programme. That in September they make the school few teams and with those teams students make theirs studies. In the teams there would be students of first, second and third years. In fact, the biggest achievement was start to conversations between teachers and students. It was a good start for co-operation between them. This new plan looked good  and in Tuesday we ignited the red Toyota towards Jyväskylä and left Rymättylä with good feelings.

Written by Johanna the Monkey.

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