TA Monkeys in Sao Paulo together with Entrepart!


Valtteri & Henna Monkey saying doodbye to Salinas, Ecuador

While Salinas School of Entrepreneurship started to run well, we continued the journey to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a new challenge. This challenge is two weeks of Team Academy coaching for Grupo Santander Brazil and SENAC Sao Paulo. Also, we’ll do a one-day open event of Team Academy learningtools together with SoL Brazil and The HUB Sao Paulo. I feel ignited!

Delegation of TA coaches has a good variety. We are three. A penguin boy Valtteri Melkko from Cashmir, who knows Portugese, TA-alumni Sanna Tossavainen, who now works in Paris with Entrepart and Team Factory Paris & sometimes with Monkey Business, and me, Henna Monkey, who just received  a diploma from TA. I would say that as a team we are young and dynamic, but also experienced Sanna and I are Team Masters of Team Academy and Valtteri has years of experience from AIESEC student organization.

AIESEC actually was the first contact between TA and Grupo Santander too… The story goes so that our friend Zoe in Grupo Santander was active member of AIESEC and knew TA through the sister of Hanna Heikkinen, also a member of AIESEC. Then Hanna worked as a link for further collaboration and now, after one year of planning TA is going to Brazil.  Key words for expectations in Sao Paulo are innovation, learn a

nd unlearn, new models and application. I think we can meet these expectations with the radical learning & business tools of TA and with a bit of artistic experience of Entrepart.

Can’t wait to start working in samba-country with the Grupo Santander and SENAC and all the people who we already know from there like Janine Saponara and Chistina D’Arce from SoL Brazil. Also, it’s great interesting to meet up with HUB Sao Paulo since we are thinking of opening up a HUB in Jyväskylä too. We have planned it a bit radical, and so we’ll do!



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