Pictures from Illikka aka Eräelämys

The summer is here in Finland and some of the monkeys are already having their holidays. I wanted to do a little post with a link to a photo gallery about this wonderful place that we have been using for some coaching and also for own retreats. It’s called Saimaan Eräelämys and I find it amazing. Every time I go there my mind starts to relax and I feel good. We did organize the second part of the Penquin Expedition 2008 there last August. This year the place is booked around the time of the Penquins arrival so I think we will offer you a possibility to do a something like the Jaworski’s solo experience explained in his book Synchronicity right after the Team Mastery Arena event on Saturday the 19th of September.

Here are the pictures of Illikka behind this link (requires flash player).

Monkeys in Illikka

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