Monkey Awards for Monkey Business

I received this cool email other day from Monkeys Henna, Johanna & Liher. See it below, I enjoyed it a lot.



We have done for us Monkey Awards inspired by Team Mastery with HOPE teachers. In Rymättylä our topic was innovations and one way to support that is to give awards. We were thinking to give these in our little christmas.

Surfing is JES!!! Finger and arm are violet…

We experienced what it is to be like Matti Nykänen… in the waves…. When big wave comes and it hits on you hard and you accidentally jump like Matti and go fast in the waves without your board…. And in the end board comes and hit you on the head…. Nice!!

So here we go, Awards for Monkey Business!

Jane Porter Award for braveness, supportive stand by, open mindness and stamina

Moomin Nipsu Award for curious discovering and new foundings

King Kong Award
for the biggest monkey on earth!

Tornado Award for creating chaos all over and causing a lot of innovations

Funky Monkey Award for yellow attitude and spreading joy around

Green Monkey Award for sustainable acting

Banana Award for feeding community with good idea and actions

Cafe Award
for revolutional thinking and having great conversations

Bananamarama Award for best party spirit ever!

Big Wave Award for learning a new skill

Golden Screw Up Award for the  biggest mistake ever!

What do you think?


Surfer monkeys Johanna, Liher and Henna

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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