Book Recommendation: One from Many by Dee Hock

Hiphei Folks!

It’s friday, and it’s time to start a new blog posting series. Every Friday we will bring you a book recommendation. Thanks to Sanna Tossavainen for the idea. And we are going to start with one real ”monkeys’ kick-ass-certified” book called ”One from Many – VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization”. It’s written by Dee Hock.

Book and Henna

The book was introduced into Team Academy circles by Charles of CoMind couple ears back. Ever since then it’s been highly recommended by Johannes Partanen. Tatu Monkey was very excited after reading it, so was Liher, and I am reading it right now. I have read maybe 30% of the book and here some of my favorite quotes:

”The first and paramount responsibility of anyone who purports to manage is to manage self — One’s own integrity, character, ethics, knowledge, wisdom, temperament, words, and acts. It’s a never-ending, difficult, oft-shunned task.” (p. 48)

”True leadership presumes standard quite beyond human perfectibility and that is quite alright, for joy and satisfaction are in the pursuit of an objective, not in its realization.” (p. 50)

”Understanding events and influencing the future requires mastering four ways of looking at things; as they were, as they are, as they might become, and as they ought to be.” (p. 91)

Have a good weekend you all, and enjoy the book. I will write more reflection after I have finished the book.

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