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We still are squatting in the premises of Team Academy, and today when I came from the surprisingly close-by grocery store I thought once again: ”Team Academy is great because in here it is ok and encouraged to be excited.” Why did I think that? Well, I had just seen one Teampreneur painting graffiti related to the 24hr birth-giving of Team Company Dilectio. He was enjoying and laughing while doing the painting. And then Kaisu of Dilectio saw the graffiti, and she clearly was very excited about that.

That reminded me of the 7 thesis our friend, the explosively insightful philosopher Esa Saarinen has coined about Team Academy. He introduced these in the Team Academy’s 15th anniversary seminar in January 2008 where me and Tatu were the MC’s. I thought I should post them here to remind people who have seen them before, and maybe there are some to whom these are new.

The Core Reasons to the Success of the Team Academy: Esa Saarinen, the Famed Finnish Philosopher speaking

  • Thesis 1 In the Hall of Fame of Experience-Based Learning Team Academy is # 1
  • Thesis 2 Some People Speak, Team Academy Acts.
  • Thesis 3 Team Academy Brings Dreaming Back to Professional Education.
  • Thesis 4 Team Academy Calls Out to Young People to Express their Sincerity and Joy, apparently as the Only
    Educational Institution in Finland.
  • Thesis 5 In the Endless Fight Between Stick-Disciplinary-Narrow-Mindedness and Breaking Out from Barriers, Team Academy Chooses Excitement.
  • Thesis 6 The Core of Team Academy is Based on the Most Sustainable and Solid Foundation of Finnish Basic Values: Robust Pragmatism and the Spirit of Equality.
  • Thesis 7 Team Academy is Based on the Power of Community and the Human In-Between, but behind it All is an Individual Who is Willing to Give Out His Everything for the Cause that Matters.

My favorite is maybe number 7 phrasing very nicely the connection and relationship between the individual teampreneur and the team/community. What are yours?

Ps. We are planning to organize an after party for all times Paphos-meeting in January together with Esa and the Paphos Alumni of  Design Factory.

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