X-mas Calender day 13 – What is this Monkey Business?

That´s THE question. Here are some quotes from people whom we have met while chewing bananas:
*Experienced Business Coach, woman: ”Monkey Business is formed around easy customers who buy what ever these Monkeys sell.”

*Senior Business Coach, man: ” Monkey Business is nothing,  it´s just a tribe of fifty people or so.”  

*Manager for International Affairs, man: ” Do these people know what Monkey Business means? How can their thinking  be that low?”

*Innovation Manager, man:” You can´t be the best in the world. It is not possible.”


So, what do you think? What is this Monkey Business?


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Participating individuals in various development processies since 2005 in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Island and Oman in focus to create an organization from future. Yellow playful and sincere. My goal is to make people think and act differently. A total nongeek. Specialties: Participatory Leading Methods, focused on early stages of change processies, culture change, interaction cultures and systems thinking / pragmatism. Yellow clothing! Entrepreneurship, innovation, personal mastery, climbing, learning. Voicing - speaking from heart, raising stupid questions. Suomeksi: Simppeliyskonsultti jonka ydintä on saada ihmiset tekemään kokeiluja jotta syntyy uutta ja asioiden tila muuttuu. #kokeilukulttuuri #kokeilut #oppiminen TEKIJÄ ON SANKARI - AINOA EPÄONNISTUMINEN ON ETTEI OPI, MITÄÄN!

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