Legendary letters to Inspiring people: Esa Saarinen

In Monkey Business we have been playing with idea about having a Board for Enthusiasm. That board would be responsible for encouraging us to go even further to areas where we haven´t been yet. Board for thinking with heart, for families and humanity. And at least I think that philosopher Esa Saarinen would be the MAN for Managing (firing up) that board. Who else should be in?

From Esa I have learned most about interaction, systems thinking and systems intelligence. Esas week long seminars in Cyprus are astounding experience. He is a master of storytelling. Storyes that make normal people like me to understand philosophy. ”Good life is born from better thoughts. You are allways more than any of your own expectations. There is allways more good in us than what you can see.”


I send the letter to thank Esa about making my life more rich and meaningful. And to thank about Conspiracy of Positive Force which we in Monkey Business really meet at unexpected places. Esas Queen, Pipsa, has named us Monkey Babes.

ESA – keep it yellow!


(Monkey Business reserves the right to change the world.)

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Participating individuals in various development processies since 2005 in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Island and Oman in focus to create an organization from future. Yellow playful and sincere. My goal is to make people think and act differently. A total nongeek. Specialties: Participatory Leading Methods, focused on early stages of change processies, culture change, interaction cultures and systems thinking / pragmatism. Yellow clothing! Entrepreneurship, innovation, personal mastery, climbing, learning. Voicing - speaking from heart, raising stupid questions. Suomeksi: Simppeliyskonsultti jonka ydintä on saada ihmiset tekemään kokeiluja jotta syntyy uutta ja asioiden tila muuttuu. #kokeilukulttuuri #kokeilut #oppiminen TEKIJÄ ON SANKARI - AINOA EPÄONNISTUMINEN ON ETTEI OPI, MITÄÄN!

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