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” I visited your website and didn´t just get what you do? ” Typical comment from our friends. What do we do? What have been doeing lately? Are we REAL entrepreneurs? How are we making world more fun and yellow?


Every Monday Morning is Monkey Monday. Or sometimes it´s Tuesday. But we need to be in face to face contact to learn, laugh and live. Last week I and Ville hoasted four hours in Lahti University of  Applied science. Our hidden plan was to encourage two hundred students towards creative economy and entrepreneurship. But our visible goal was to run the best and most enjoyable schoolday of year 2010. We used stories, dialogue, mental models game and punisher vs. pyromane -exercise. In the end about 90% of students answered YES! So it was ”good tennis” from us. Good Job.

Thursday Janne went to coach three days session for start up entrepreneurs in a 1,5 year long process in Central Finland, Laukaa area. And now he is ending  a one similar process in Northern Finland, Posio area. Janne is our specialist for long processies. I was working for a day in Helsinkin with Brand Brothers Finland for Tammi publishers. Our task was challenging: ”do what feels right”. So we worked as interaction fakirs to make some atmosphere magic…

Henna and Johanna has had several meetings around issue of HUB Jyväskylä in Helsinki, Jyväskylä and Tampere. Henna is fighting hard to save her home region, Iisalmi by entrepreneurship. And aside Henna has closed some related deals. Johanna has found a surprice for us. It´s red? We´ll see it on monday…


Ville the Fox, our geek has been coaching two days in University of Oulu with Zestmark. Aside Ville takes care of our connections to the virtual world. And he is also the brains for Monkey Business with his ideas, precence and jazz. Francis Francis X1, yellow, arrived to our office on Tuesday. And we were really exited. Not a single cup of espresso was made. Cos it was ESE(easy serving espresso) model and we returned it at the same day. The biggest failure of the week. Wednesday we had a deep three hour dialogue with Innovation Professor Antti Hautamäki from University of Jyväskylä. Themes were creative economy and cultures meaning for an area. Results will go to parliaments future forum and we are one example…

So here we go. Again. And again. Something will be remembered and alot forgotten. Take it yellow!



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Participating individuals in various development processies since 2005 in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Island and Oman in focus to create an organization from future. Yellow playful and sincere. My goal is to make people think and act differently. A total nongeek. Specialties: Participatory Leading Methods, focused on early stages of change processies, culture change, interaction cultures and systems thinking / pragmatism. Yellow clothing! Entrepreneurship, innovation, personal mastery, climbing, learning. Voicing - speaking from heart, raising stupid questions. Suomeksi: Simppeliyskonsultti jonka ydintä on saada ihmiset tekemään kokeiluja jotta syntyy uutta ja asioiden tila muuttuu. #kokeilukulttuuri #kokeilut #oppiminen TEKIJÄ ON SANKARI - AINOA EPÄONNISTUMINEN ON ETTEI OPI, MITÄÄN!


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