Exemplar Project Meeting in Yucatan, Mexico

Written in Houston, Texas. On my way to Merida, Mexico and eventually to Hacienda Itzincab.


I am honoured to represent Team Academy along with Vilma Väisänen in this meeting bringing together living ’exemplars’ creating the new economy of well-being. Idea is that as there are actually few social innovators (folks of TA in our case) in this world today and they should know about each other. It’s something loosely related to the SoL Evolution process which been going on the last year where a question something like this was asked: ”Who can hold the space to bring together the different people and networks creating the new economy (of well being)?”

I am very excited about this meeting. Interesting people from interesting organizations are here. The idea is to connect with and to learn from another about personal and organizational change. Meeting is called together by Peter Senge from SoL and Dennis Sandow from Matriztic Institute among few others. Organizations represented include ROCA, La Vaca Independiente, Sustainable Food Lab, Uganda Rural Development Training, Presencing Institute, Icebreaker and few others.

Where to find more info? We have a shared page at Presencing Institute, but it’s closed. I think that sucks. We should be more open when it comes to the communication. It’s hard not to have a real page where to link and where to find more information. I think it’s better to be open and the future is in open communications. As the motivation of Richard Stallman, the originator of GPL ”copy-left” license, originally was: nobody should excluded who wants to contribute. Let’s see what I can do related to that. I will keep you posted through the blog and also with some MonkeyTV.

To prepare for the meeting me and Vilma did a phone call with Manish from Presencing Institute, Peter and Jimmy of SoL. Manish put it together and I will upload it here in a moment: The questions were: What’s the essence of Team Academy? What are the challenges? How does all this relate to your work? We also did a little complimentary video about it:

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