Greetings from Hacienda Itzincab: 1st Day of Exemplar’s Meeting

Mwalimu of URDT on this QIK MonkeyTV video shares what’s about to happen on the first day.

We are here to learn from one another and yesterday we started by a presentation by ROCA. The story was told by the founder Molly, and the work they are doing is amazing. Building spaces where change can happen. For high risk youth. They work in the city of Chelsea, close to Boston, USA with youth that have big trouble ion their lifes. Suchs as drugs, gangs, violence, guns, teen pregnancy etc. What they do is to build a community and a follow a change process that slowly helps them to change. The story was also a story of struggle and growth of the founder, how she had to change first herself in order for the youth and the police and the officials to change. They use Peace Making Circles, and people can call whenever there is need: ”Could we organize a circle?”. It’s the same with our dialogue circle, helps to deal with internal and external. The same with us Monkeys, we need to have our Monday Mornings are for Monkeys in order to keep the alignment and good spirit.


We also started to talk about the challenge and joy of scaling up the efforts and organization. Does the business stand for itself or the founder? asked Jeremy, the founder of Icebreaker. What’s the original intent of the organization? What will happen if the leader/CEO/founder/entrepreneur is suddenly taken away by accident or something?

Lunch Day 1

Another idea what I wanted brought up here was ideas and pondering about leadership. How do we conceive leadership? a)Acting oneself? b)enabling action of others? Or how do we lead in a way that enables learning? Maybe leading loving? if love is to see a person as they really are and not as our projection or self-reflection? Nurturing people’s growth to be the best they can be?

Thanks for all, I feel grateful to be here. Keep it yellow!

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