Customers whom we want?

We Monkeys aren´t like most people. But we do need friends(customers) to play with. To learn, lead, cocreate and to make world more fun & yellow! We have to first know who we are. Seth Godin, Tribes:

” The art of leadership is understanding what you can´t compromise on.”

Beginning of year 2010 for us has been a bit like hike in a desert. Just have to believe that the oasis will come.  Seth Godin, Tribes:

” The second thing you need to know is that the only thing holding you back from becoming the kind of person who changes things is this: lack of faith. Faith that you can do it. Faith that it´s worth doeing. Faith that failure won´f destroy you.”

Cosmos has challenged us by asking: are you serious about this? Time on desert has put our values in test also. Inner pressure is sometimes almost too hard to handle. But returning back from uncomfortable zone is rewarding. Things look clear for a while – illusion of infallible.

Prahalad & Krishnan, The new age of innovation:

” Start-ups do not need well-developed proseccies.”

Form follows funtion, said someone. So what we can do is keep on doeing. Culture is the Strategy. More experiments with customers who play with same rules. So we want:

*You, whom don´t want to work overtime daily to keep up the status quo

*You, whom don´t want be sheepwalking anymore

*You, whom wants to change, yourself, organization, world

*You, whom wants to learn, all the time, everywhere, from everybody

*You, whom wants to do all this together, smiling

Eye for an eye makes the hole world blind. – Gandhi-

Fall of Status Quo.



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More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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