Mexican Exemplar Meeting Harvest: Poem

Recently I have come across people who express themselves through poems and poetry. First in the Art of Hosting training in Karlskrona and then now in the Exemplar meeting in Mexico. That’s something I have hardly experienced at all in the past few years. So I feel lucky this new art form is starting to enter my life. Here’s a poem written by Manish Srivastava of Presencing Institute but as he puts it: Its ’our’ poem as we (all the exemplars) inspired it. So here we go! Manish is the young gentleman with red T-shirt on the right hand side of myself, Ville.

Those heartfelt laughter,
Breath-giving winds and chirping birds,
Moist soil and tamarind seeds,

The rocks that spoke,
The wells that nurtured,
The depths that connected,
The pyramids that centered,
The communities that flourished…

In midst of,
This rich flow of life,
Streams of timeless energy,
And our inspiring stories…

I am falling in love…
With a new possibility,
A new community
A new depth,
A new horizon…

Oh here I am,
A moment when it all becomes one,
The living and the emerging,
Across our hearts, lives and work…
The new is emerging…

I am so full of life… full of hope!

And here are many pictures by Sue Sweitzer from the Sustainable Food Lab.

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