What is this Monkey Business?

Common desire? Trust? Shared vision? Ugh. Puzzled. Yes. Words are challenging, even dangerous, ´cos it takes time to create common understanding. And we use words to get our experiences in somekind of order or frames. Is lack of imagination the only limit? Through words we create the world we live in, thus they are important. Is the glass half full or empty, or maybe the glass just has some water in it? What happens when we are on holiday? What it does to us?

We’ve been learning the hard way that without shared vision we are like a bunch of kids in a playground. Through anxiety we have realized we need to spend more time together as a team. That’s what they say that teaming up needs, shared time and a shared challenge.

According to Senge:

Premature converge of words of the vision sucks the life energy out of it.

So how do you know that time is right? By trial & error? What are the corner stones of building shared vision?

More action. More chaos. More mistakes. More learning.

More Creativity.

More trust. Myself. Us. Monkey Business. You. World. Life.

World of options?

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More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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