Tiina came into the HOUSE!

Little things are often the biggest ones. Last winter when moving to this new location we had a wellcoming party. And I called a little local newspapers to come and visit us. And they did and writed an article(below).

Well it´s all in finnish, chaotic and so on. The thing is that you newer know who will read an article like this. And what it will cause in the head of the reader. Neither did we. About three weeks ago I got an telephone call. It was Tiina. She wanted to come and see us. So I ansvered YES. Tiina came and started telling:” last spring I saw that article and decided that I´want to work in a place like that. And here I am. Ready to rock.” So here she is, photo taken this morning. And she brought some liqourice to us also, yellow, in the front of the picture.

Well you can see Tiina´s work here. She is a professional illustrator. (the one who can draw cool pictures, creative and so on.) And we have encouraged her to use that ability. And she has taken it into the action. She has contacted BusinessArena to co-operate in graphical facilitation. And she has been visiting local center for starting entrepreneurs(Luotsi). And said that it was depressing:” they told me to came back with countings and numbers. Not very enthuastic. Are they trying to kill the entreprenial spark in me?” On the other side of the table was sitting Hans, old team mate of Johannas&mine. Hans had got samekind of experiment with Luotsi. So here you can see how Hans normally protects himself against idea killers. (Hans is the humanbeing at the right side of the picture. On the left is a Sunflower brought from Villes homeyard at Paltamo.) Anyway, yellow both.

So what I am thinking is that how do we really help others to be at their best on what they do? And I am really happy that Tiina came to visit us. By Matti Nykänen:” Give chance a break ”. Let´s aim for enriching each other. For little things. Let´s listen our hearts and numbers will follow. It´s not about the idea – it´s about the attitude.

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