Brief History of Monkey Business – Presentation on Bilbao’s Euskalduna

Since 2007 Spring when we came here first time with Tatu the Monkey and Sari Veripaa we gave the following notebook to Javier Ruiz. He has a key role in the birth of Monkey Business, because he trusted the young and enthusiastic guys as well as he asked the question:

”If you were an animal, what animal were you?” -Javier Ruiz

I have come back to Basque Country twice a year, every Spring and Autumn. I am happy and grateful having had the opportunity to get to know this special culture and plenty of very nice and interesting people from here.

This time again it was Javier Ruiz who contacted us through Facebook on Friday night telling us to come over in November. We had couple of Skype calls, Mimmu from Partus joined the process and here we are. As a part of the workshop organized by Team Academy of Teknalia I gave a 15 minute presentation about the history of Monkey Business. I am right now uploading the 400mb video into MonkeyTV about the presentation, but meanwhile please have a look at the slides.

The presentation went well, I think. I got some good feedback (combining stories into theory and inquiry, also one message on Twitter 🙂 Thanks a lot Juhis for the illustrations, and Jaakko for the background, fellow Monkeys Tatu, Janne, Henna, Johanna, Liher and Iiro for the story and the questions.

Ps. When I travel, I like to think that if I get even one idea to put into practice I consider the journey to be a succesful. This journey has brough me many! For example an idea about the 1st anniversary of Yellow Office in February or March. It would be a one day seminar and a party. Limited participation of 30-50 people, and surprise key note speakers with TED style presentations as well as open space for anybody to host a session.

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