Graphic Facilitation Training 13.1.2011 by Nanna Frank

Above is a slideshow with images I draw last Thursday in graphic facilitation training by Nanna Frank. It was good fun to participate in training with Team Academy’s Creativite Intelligence and Flexibility Program, LÄN, which I did maybe 5 years ago myself. Key learnings for me where that a single word can be expressed in many images. Thus images are not far from telling more than thousand words. Also, an interesting idea was that in science where we seek the truth images are hardly used in the scientific articles I have read. Images leave room for creativity. They ask us to participate in creating the meaning.

Lately I have been excited to know more about Design Thinking. That was one of the motivators for me to join the training. One of the cornerstones of Design is to see the big picture, to have the holistic view. For that it is good to draw a big paper, kind of poster, with key concepts about the case. We did such posters or templates as the final task of the training. I did mine about the Yellow Office 1st Anniversary that will be on the 25th. It helped me to see it from a new light, and for sure will help me to explain the idea to others. Thanks a lot Nanna for the training!

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