Master international of Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation

Just as Hugo Monkey returned from the Master program of Communication and Business from the Bond ”Secret Agent” University of Australia, me, Henna Monkey, started in Mondragon University’s international Master program in Intrapreneurship, Team Leadership and Open Innovation. It’s going on from now until Jan 2012 and it’s going on around the world!

My goal for 2011 is to check out if it’s possible, and to prove that it is possible, to be a Monkey even if living and working most of the year outside of Finland.

This program is run by Mondragon Corporative University. Mondragon is the largest cooperative group in the world with more than 85.000 employees and it’s University is a partner of Team Academy Finland.

Participants of the program are all from businesses and the learning touch is very practical. We are forming a company as a team, too. Here there’s a short bio of all of us, so you will know who are in my extended team for this year, and what kind of knowledge Monkey Business (or your company?) can reach out to thru this program.

Eneko Izquierdo, Business background. He has been past 8 years in Eroski group, the 2nd largest retail company in Spain in the strategic management department. He has been the leader of the implementation of self-managed teams, in the whole company (50000 employees, over 1000 retail stores)

Aitzol Garmendia, Service unit manager for the group Danobat, which is the largest machine tool company in Spain. His role in the company is finding full solutions for the customers worldwide related with tools & services. Their main international market is in China.

Cristina Murillo, project manager in Gaia, which is an Association of Industries for Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque country (North of Spain). She has been there for 5 years, working in many projects such as: Online communication for digital support in urgency situations for handicapped people, Recycling project for computer and electronic appliances in India and Implementing a management model for Corporate Social Responsibility in companies locally and internationally.

Iñaki Egitegi, background in engineering. Has been working the past years in the world of culture music and arts developing social media in that field. For example running websites for music events in San Sebastian ( He is active event and concert organizer and working at the moment in an entrepreneurial project of setting a cultural hub in San Sebastian.

Iñigo Blanco,has environmental science background. He has been working for last 3 years in environmental science in UK, the HUB Berlin project and Funky Project innovation agency in Bilbao. Nowadays he is starting to lead in developing the HUB project in San Sebastian-Donostia.

Sanna Tossavainen BBA and graduated from Team Academy Finland & from Team Mastery international coaching program. She has wide experience of working in international field from Disneyland to a company called Entrepart located in France combining arts and business. Sanna has also been working in organizing Learning journeys to Finland bringing high level bankers from France. Right now working on exporting Finnish education in France.

And me, Henna Kääriäinen, business background and graduated from Team Academy Finland & from Team Mastery international coaching program. Past two years I’ve been working as entrepreneur in Monkey Business. Right now I’m working my way in the international sales of Finnish education. It’s my passion and competence too, as we monkeys are all products of Finnish education and are living examples of what it enables for people. My most ambitious project is happening between Team Academy and Senac Sao Paulo exporting the Finnish educational model to Brazil. Other main project during 2011 is about creating learning journeys for various audiences to various countries.


Anita Seidler (German/Russian), master in European Management. Graduated also from the Team Mastery international coaching program. Has 3 years working experience in Mc Kinsey now working as a president of SoL Spain. Anita is also entrepreneur and founder of HUB Madrid aswell as an entrepreneur and consultant in Creative Society.

Jose Mari Luzarraga, business backround, BBA, PHD in Mondragon multilocalization strategy innovating human-centered globalization. 5 years experience in consultancy in KPMG, Icon media lab as Portugal Country manager. He has been working the past 5 years as researcher/ lecturer at Mondragon University and currently also an entrepreneur in Mondragon Team Academy.

Here we are co-creating the follow-up for Nokia's crowdsourcing unit that we visited in Finland in Jan 2011.

Our next session will be in the Hub Madrid starting from tomorrow! (10th-13th of Feb) Theme is Co-creating and Learning with Customers. You’re invited to enjoy our learnings presentation show on Saturday night in the Hub Madrid. It starts at 9pm.

Hope to see you there!


Henna Monkey, the world researcher

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