Visitors from France, Canada and Jyväskylän Maalaiskunta at the Yellow Office

I am excited about coming week as we are getting local and international visitors at our home nest, the Yellow Office. I think this week culminates some of Monkey Business vision of being a global microbrand. I believe in Peter Senge’s words that the ”what is most systemic is most local”. But that we need to connect globally as well if we want to be more creative. I really agree on what Esko Kilpi once told me: ”We need to organize places and space where people can meet and something new can emerge.” I think it perfectly resonates with the video below by Steven Johnson on Where the Good Ideas Come From:

About next week: First, we have the board of Maalaiskunnan Yrittäjät meeting at our office on Tuesday evening. Chairman of the board is our neighbour and friend Jouko aka Musti from Seripiste. Little birds are saying we may get a seat on the board, too. Also, a little after that there’ll be a group of people interested in Organizational Development coming all way from France and Canada to see where we dwell. In fact, the visit to our place is part of their learning expedition to Team Academy organized by SoL France. I heard from my friend that one of the participants have a blog called La nature d’une nouvelle entreprise. It seems to be all in French but Pascal said it’s good and I believe him so if you understand, check it out!

Heikki Toivanen & The Marketers Way

This past week our office has been occupied by people from Team Academy taking intense course of marketing coached by Heikki Toivanen. See the picture above. We are very happy to have people at our place, for a meeting in a creative environment or to experience the sauna.

Furthermore, Samuli Karjalainen dropped by for the first time in our office few weeks ago, and with him we explored the idea of a business sauna. It would be an event for local people interested in learning and meeting new people. First start with a short story or a presentation by someone followed by dialogue and sauna. Who is in for that?

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