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Not long ago Hugo was doing his morning duties at his bathroom when his cell phone rang. It was somewhere around 8 am. He thought: ”Nhh. It’s too early. I’ll call them back later.” And he didn’t pick up the call that came from unknown number. The same person tried to reach Tatu but apparently was so anxious that even if Tatu wanted to answer he wasn’t fast enough. If Hugo had picked up, we would have been offered a chance to jump on a stage as a keynote in biggest Youth Entrepreneurship event in Finland, Aivomyrsky, within 2 hours.

Myself and Tatu were in Lahti 6 weeks ago hosting a Yellow Cafe / Open Space in Innovations for Knowledge Management seminar. They had a similar problem on their second day. Keynote had cancelled. Then as we came to the event on the second day we heard of that but the situation was solved already. However, that got us thinking – if Keynote cancels people that organize events should call us. And we would love to help. We need time to get to the event but nothing more than that. That’s enough to prepare.

Tatu Mental Models Game

Tatu with brand new Mental Models Game graphics.

We are ready to host a Keynote session at any size of an event. Anytime. On any theme. Now you may wonder: ”That’s crazy. How can they be experts on any theme?” And you are right, we are not. But the audience attending any seminar is probably smarter together than any Keynote that was supposed to talk there. And we can make the people talk with each other. They will create knowledge together.

If it’s an opening/middle session of the event, our keynote would be the Mental Models game. If it’s by the end, we would host a massive Design Thinking workshop. Both are tools to make people talk and create their own meaning. Mental Models game helps to diverge thinking, and Design Thinking workshop will help to converge the ideas explored in the seminar. And the tools scale up. We can start from groups of 5. And go up to hundreds, thousands or ten thousands of people. It would be cool to do a workshop in a rock festival. Maybe one day?

What do you think? Does this make sense? How could we market this kind of service? And who’s the first client and when? If you are an event organizer, we would love to develop this further with you. Best yellow week to all! Ville

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