New Mission Statement Blueprint

Maybe some of you have heard of Jim Collins and the Hedgehog concept presented in his book Good to Great? I had, too, but never really used it until few days back. There are three basic questions:

  1. What are you excited about?
  2. Where are you best in the world?
  3. What is profitable for you?

And according to Risto Kuulasmaa, if you can answer these three questions, you can get a glimpse of your mission as an organization. So we thought about the questions and this is what we have now:

Monkey Business mission is to make the world more fun and more yellow. We help companies to innovate and solve problems by making people talk from their hearts.
We are happy if our work results in more:

  • Initiative and action – Courage to experiment new things.
  • Feeling of responsibility and ownership of the organization
  • Reflection about the way things are done.

We master hundreds of tools and theories in the fields of leadership, marketing, creativity, facilitation, team coaching and strategy. We do not follow a strict method but strive to be present and seize the moment in order to see what is appropriate way to proceed. However, there are two corner stones to our work:

1. Dialogue – It’s about the power of thinking and learning together. Becoming and being a community.
2. Experiments – Einstein’s definition of insanity is to do things in the same way but to expect different results. So we need to try out new things.

In other words, our method is simple. How does this sound?

Ps. Thanks Guillaume for the idea of having both positive (innovation) and the problem solving side in our offering.

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More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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