On a Learning Journey in Poland (27th to 30th of March)

Kielce, Poland by Minka6 via Flickr.

Kielce, Poland by Minka6 via Flickr.

Yellow greetings from Kielce, Poland! Third day of my learning journey to this beautiful country is turning into evening, and I want to reflect a bit what I have experienced here. I am here taking part to these international education fair (EDUC) in Swietokrzyskie Region together with EduCluster Finland, Business Arena, Humap, Keski-Suomen Liitto and Jykes.

I must say, that Polish people really are warm hearted people – everything has gone so smoothly and we have been taken very well care of. What I have noticed, is that here is an amazing buzz around different kinds of educational fields – these fairs, that Monkey Business is taking part to, are dedicated to all levels of education. From kindergarten to adult education. It has been great to see people of all ages; in one corner there is a playground and huge dinosaurs, in the next there is a stand for vocational studies where girls are curling hair and boys preparing amazing fruit carvings. AMAZING, I must say.

I have been working here with of course the whole EduCluster gang – but mainly with half-monkey Emma Ojala from Tiimiakatemia Finland. Today we held a workshop, and we put the local people to the test. Participants had to prepare their very own Superhero-profile. Unfortunately language barrier and lack of time prevented us from getting to know better these Polish Superheroes. We also shared some points about the Finnish way of entrepreneurship education with the audience.

Team learning, entrepreneurship, teampreneurship – coaching and being a superhero. All those topics and more have been on the table.

It is time for the last evening here before busy last day tomorrow – our Polish hosts will take us to SiSenor, a Spanish restaurant. I am sure I’ll come soon back to Poland, these are the kind of folks I would really enjoy working with!

Keep it yellow, Minnaisa


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