Do The Never -manifesto

Do The Never -Manifesto

  1. Do The Never is about You. You can make a difference. You can only change the world by changing yourself. Do The Never is about challenging and competing with yourself.
  2. Do The Never is about Action. Doing the never. Even a small step is a start and a move forward so start with ridiculously small actions. Get your hands dirty!
  3. Do The Never is about Courage. Your heart is always right so listen to your heart. Fail often, fail fast. Learn from the mistakes.
  4. Do The Never happens Now. In life we encounter these now or never moments. When we know that if we do not act now the possibility will not come back. Carpe Diem. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start. The only possible moment to show the appreciation is the current moment.
  5. Do The Never is about Community. You are not alone. Use and search for #dothenever hashtag and you see what others are doing. Connect with likeminded people via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and other social medias of your preference.
  6. Do The Never is about Creativity. Think what is different, what could be done differently. We also acknowledge the role of serendipity and learning from doing things differently. Think, and act, as unusual.
  7. Do The Never is about Systems Intelligence. Something that is objectively looking a minor thing can mean a world to someone subjectively. When you realize there is a possibility with a small action to create big results, you gotta grasp that opportunity.

Originally written by Ville Monkey Keränen and David Vorpalina Criado after a Minnteam workshop in Madrid late February 2012. Points 6 and 7 added later on by Ville Keränen. Latest update on 25th of January 2013. Do The Never -movement is very much inspired by Seth Godin’s blog post and Aalto University’s MIND Research Group’s Licence to Act Differently.

Ps. You can also download the PDF version of the DoTheNever -Manifesto.

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