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05.02.2013 Ville Keranen Organizations of the Future, networks

Art of Hosting comes 6.-8. of May 2013

We are busy organizing the next international Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter -training here in Finland in coming up May. We are doing it together with Otavan Opisto, Tanja Korvenmaa, Jan-Erik Tarpila among many others. I think it’s going to be great fun, as it has been the three previous ones I have participated.

It was back in 2009 maybe when I heard about the Art of Hosting for the first time from Anita Baggio (Seidler). Back then I thought it would probably not offer me much as I thought I knew about World Cafe and Open Space having been through Team Academy and in several events. But how fool I was? It was 2010 when I eventually participated in Art of Hosting in Karlskrona organized by key-team with MSLS student Kati, Tiimiakatemia Alumnis and fellow Monkeys Henna and Liher and Kaospilot Benjamin. It was the first time in this scale that 100 people came together from these radical schools to have good time and learn together about hosting and harvesting conversations.

Liher wrote a blog post about the history in English. And I did also a post about Network Leadership during the training. Emma Ojala, Vilma Mutka and Petrus Piironen were there too with me from Finland among maybe 10 others. I enjoyed the training a lot; met bunch of interesting people as well as brought home a new tool called Pro-Action Cafe. And I thought, we got to organize this in Finland too.

But knowing my skills and strengths nothing happened until after Otavan Opisto’s Nettikätilö Workshop (2011) Emma Ojala called that they had decided to bring AoH to Finland, and asked if I wanted to be part of it. I said yes, and let’s do it with and at Otavan Opisto (Ville V and Hanna-Riikka and everyone else), as it’s the perfect place for this kind of training. And so we did, Tanja Korvenmaa, also AoH Alumni jumped on board and we managed to get dates so that Toke Moller and Monica Nissen could join as well.

For the first training we got about 50 people mostly from Finland but also from for example Estonia and Sweden. It was a great success. Good spirit, happy faces and new friends and ideas to apply into practice. We decided to do it again, soon, this time in Finnish in Autumn 2012 and in Finnish. We got about 30 people in, and it went well. We were encouraged to move on, and continue learning and doing.

So a new Art of Hosting is emerging in Finland. Yet again at Otavan Opisto / Satulinna nearby Mikkeli, Finland. The dates are 6th to 8th of May. You are very warmly invited to join us to learn together about hosting and harvesting conversations that matter. It’s going to be fun!

Why should one join?

This is what I wrote to my fellow monkeys earlier this year:

* It’s a great safe place to experiment and learn about different methods and techniques related to hosting conversations. About 90% is action and conversations and maybe 10% are lectures.
* Great place to develop your own projects and ideas or questions further together with others.
* Fantastic opportunity to meet other interesting people
* Revolution of speaking from the heart and taking care (Monkey’s mission)

Check the website now and register. Space is limited.

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Martin Röll says:

I believe you got the dates wrong: The AoH Suomi site and the FB page speak of May 6th to 8th, not 10th to 12th.

Ville says:

Hi Martin,

thanks so much for the correction. You are very right, and I got the dates wrong. Now fixed for the blog post. Thanks once again,


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