This blog is for those who are interested in future. For those, who believe that innovations are more about empathy than engineering. For those, who believe that leading yourself will play significant role in the near future. For those, who believe that Finland's and World's future is dependent on the well being of the people as well as capacity to work together.

The main themes of this blog are Learning Design and the organizations' from the future. This blog is written by the yellow consultants and learning designers of Monkey Business, and at times also by other front runner thinkers and doers..

14.02.2014 Ville Keranen Learning Design, Organizations of the Future, networks

Art of Hosting in 8.-10. of May at Otavan Opisto Finland

Together with Otavan Opisto and other partners we organize the 4th Art of Hosting training here in Finland. It’s going to be in May, and you are cordially invited. Please have a look at the invitation above or download the pdf here: Art of Hosting Invitation May 2014 Finland.

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