Poor place Great space

Hi guys…finally space to write! Finally I’ve got my place to stay and live & act normally. After a homeless month with a backpack of clothes and living mostly at the Team Academy my new home (poor place) feels like an oasis (great space). My place is an old flat built in 1963 and it certainly looks and feels like that! But the space around…it’s wonderful. Lake, hills, green trees and paths all over and the summer sky I can see from the huge window! The space makes the place lovely even though it’s small and more like a big window with a home than a big home with a window.In a Team Mastery 2 first session at Jyväskylä, Finland, Anita from Spain said: ”Home is where the heart is”. Then Nic from Kajaani, who works for Intotalo answered: ”My heart is about 4 hours North from here, where my home is”. That was a smart joke with a meaning, I think.This thought stays in my mind because I know that within the next few weeks there are many adventures to live in different countries, and I feel that in the next Autumn I will move again…but not inside Finland.Okay but now that I have a home, it’s time to continue writing with the Team Mastery 2 HOMEwork.Hende

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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