Necessary revolution?

Well well well. My first writing in blog ever. Is it revolutionary? Peter Senge calls after necessary revolution. By this, I believe, he means change from individual focused ever groving capitalism to new economy. What is it? What could it be? Social business? Does the system really matter, people are the ones ones who build up the systems and live in them. What if the recession comes in global economy and it won´t recover as it was. What system will be built to keep us happy in peace? How have we built up this illusion that wealth is something material. Who invented money? I believe it is invention of satan and workplaces are ritual places for worship. Fuck the capitalism system. Generation Y has to be the change.

Who invented time? Or counting it? What positive outcomes it has had to our daily life? We talk about hurry and efficiency, and we feel like that. Never enough, soon enough. Where are we rushing to? Words build up our reality, thoughts raise up the words in to our minds. We want it all too fast. Finnish designer Alvar Aalto spent three years designing chair with three legs. It´s still in ”fashion”, so the process was meaningful and the outcome very sustainable. Do we take time enough for necessary revolution? Is there hope for human when monkeys are gone?

”We have to be the change we want to see in the world. It demands us courage and stubborness.” -Gandhi-

Tatu Che Monkey

Participating individuals in various development processies since 2005 in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Island and Oman in focus to create an organization from future. Yellow playful and sincere. My goal is to make people think and act differently. A total nongeek. Specialties: Participatory Leading Methods, focused on early stages of change processies, culture change, interaction cultures and systems thinking / pragmatism. Yellow clothing! Entrepreneurship, innovation, personal mastery, climbing, learning. Voicing - speaking from heart, raising stupid questions. Suomeksi: Simppeliyskonsultti jonka ydintä on saada ihmiset tekemään kokeiluja jotta syntyy uutta ja asioiden tila muuttuu. #kokeilukulttuuri #kokeilut #oppiminen TEKIJÄ ON SANKARI - AINOA EPÄONNISTUMINEN ON ETTEI OPI, MITÄÄN!


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