About Marketing, and how we have only a clue about it

I wanted to say that we got no clue about marketing in the title, but it is not true I believe, but still I think there is loads to learn and especially implement. Today, I was looking for more participants for our workshop in Stockholm. Impact to do that was a skype call with Charles from CoMind (who wil be there, jee! 🙂 Somehow I remembered that wasn’t there a Kaospilot program starting in Stockholm one day. We had already contacted The Natural Step. So I googled Stockholm and Kaospilot. And what comes up, is a google maps and a spot where the Kaospilots are located in Stockholm. (I had to add Monkey Business to the google maps too, straight away – It’s currently for free). Furthermore, the first result is a link to their website and this is a screenshot of their frontpage:

Kaospilot.se frontpage


Now this is what I call marketing. Pure image. Nice visual lay-out, and especially the copy-writing. This is just the first page but pretty much everyone who sees it will know that they are recruiting for a new team and also the style of people they are looking for. How cool is that?Tatu’s been recently in couple of customer meetings where they’ve talked about potential co-operation in marketing. After those he has complained that because of recent focus on coaching the marketing side of brains are rusty and don’t work too well. Nevertheless, he still remembers this model by Finnish consultant Timo Rope which has gotten some of our potential customers quite excited. 


Rope’s Model 


I think Kaospilots are doing very well on their first page. Rest I didn’t understand so well because I couldn’t find info on English on their Swedish site. My Swedish isn’t that good yet, unfortunately. But we will train it this week. Stockholm, are you ready? 

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