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World Cafe Style of Seating Promised Good

On the first anniversary seminar of Team Academy en Euskadi two weeks ago I was a bit bored. It was because there were speeches only in Spanish. And the ones who know me better know that my Spanish isn’t that good (yet). Anyways, the fact that I didn’t understand much was good for me because I could keep thinking my own stuff. First I thought about Monkey Business, and how non-dynamic seminars where people have no time to talk together are something that Monkey Business is not. Monkey Business is about people and self organizing. It’s about having fun. It’s about thinking together and it’s about community. In those moments of Spanish flowing from the other ear into my brain and out from the other following phrase crystallized in my head:

  • The more control = the more boring.
  • The more chaos = the more fun. (This was added by Anita Seidler, thanks!)

Asier the Funky

In my opinion this is true both for the facilitators of an event and for the participants.I kept thinking a bit more and following crystallization grew in my head: ”Team of people with shared values and purpose can achieve any vision (through action).” The last part was from Asier the Funky. And I think the leading thoughts should go exactly in that order. Start with people and values and purpose, then vision. Many times I hear hype about vision but it’s simply not the right question in the beginning. In my opinion any vision is reachable. Tatu reminded me yesterday about the question of Göran Carlstedt to start with: Why are we here? 

Aitor, Javier, David, Manu 

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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