Do you have time for Monkey Business?

Me, Tatu and Hugo have taken over one of the dialogue rooms of Team Academy today to think about our thesis which is about Monkey Business. Questions at the moment are: 

  • What is the purpose of Monkey Business?
  • How can we make (our+partners+customers) work to be like the play of children?
  • What are the leading thoughts of Monkey Business?
  • Do we need products or is it all about co-creation with customers?
  • Why people don’t smile when walking on the street?
  • What is the question in this world we want to solve through Monkey Business?
  • Why Monkey Business is called Monkey Business?

I’ll close this post with a story from my friend, Jose-Marie from Mondragon University. It’s about how he learned what saying monkey business means.

Some time ago he was in India with his friend and they were walking through a street market. At some spot they found something really beautiful and interesting, something to bring home. His friend started to negotiate with the seller about the price but he got a quick reply: ”I don’t want no monkey business.”  

What does Monkey Business really mean? Maybe we can get an idea from the following video by Queen and Freddie Mercury. 

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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