You Are Not Alone – 2000 Unique Visitors !?!

I check our website statistics once in a while, or about once a month, maybe. I took a look at them yesterday and I was positively surprised. Over the 8 months the site has been up we have got about 2000 unique visitors according to the stats provided by our web hosting company. Google Analytics provide a little more moderate figure, about 1500 unique visitors. I am not quite sure what all this means – maybe one thing to say is that you are not alone and that the truth is out there. Check out the slideshow below for exact numbers. To be honest, I am impressed. Cool! Thank you for all our supporters, friends, partners, visitors, potential clients, Dj’s who keep good tunes and bass playing loud and all the musical gems alive, artists who push the society forward and the small entrepreneurs who keep the society running and colorful. All the finns can think about if every store, restaurant, gas station was owned by the Green Card Co-operative? Whuuh. The yellow card for Monkey Business will be launched soon to support all the independent entrepreneurs. Yeah! But here are the stats:

Monkey Business Statistics 4.12

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Ps: I was trying to formulate a kind of mission statement/elevator pitch for Monkey Business having been inspired by Guy Kawasaki’s book Art of The Start. It goes like this: ”Monkey Business’ mission is to make world more fun and yellow by helping our customers to learn in teams.” How does that sound to you? Will you buy from us? When? Why? Why not?

Written by Ville Monkey

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