Team Academy Alsace 1-year old.

Long long time ago I can still remember when I was a penguin at Team Academy. The first year teampreneurs are called penguins over here. Back then and still I am very interested in international co-operation because I believe the more different people the more ideas and better thinking together. So it happened that a group of people especially through the SoL Network from different parts of Europe came to visit Team Academy. among them Javier Ruiz from Bilbao, Basque Country and Etienne Collignon from Paris, France. But with these network masters there was also a man who spoke only few words of English and he was very happy that Sanna Tossavainen (now at Entrepart) could speak French. I don’t remember talking much to him personally but I remember his overwhelming enthusiasm when he took the mic on the last day. He said few words, and I think Sanna translated to us, but what I remember was his energy and enthusiasm. Already then he had a nice big beard. Maybe some of you know his name by now, Claude Zauber.

Me and Henna had the honor to be in Strasbourg 1.5 weeks ago for the local Team Academy Alsace’s 1st anniversary party. We were there thanks to Pascal’s invitation as a part of the Team Mastery process, me as an assistant coach and Henna as a participant. On Friday they had organized an amazing network celebration where the Team Mastery group gave birth to their new insights on leadership.

Over there and then I realized that this was the dream of Claude that maybe was born four years ago. I felt deeply touched having been there then when the dream was born and now seeing it in reality. Amazing! He had managed to get Pascal on board in fact I don’t know since when. They both were with me and Tatu in Team Mastery that ended this January 2008.

The pictures from the event will tell more than my words. I think celebrations are important because they are a way to encourage the heart.

Manu was a great host

Sanna, Anita et Co.

Johannes, Pascal, Etienne, Yann

Speeches were listened carefully

Plenty of Sparkling Wine

Jose-Mari, Johannes, Claude

Ready… Steady…

Birthday Cake 1-year

Claude and the present

Basque Men Manu, Aitor and Jose-Mari

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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