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Henna has read a book and here’s short article inspired by it. Enjoy and feel free to join the conversation. I wanted to add a picture, and this was the one I could quickly find. Make it Funky!

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Funky Business Forever! (1 book point)

What a great teaser book! I read this while I was on the trip around the world and really got my thoughts moving.

We are in the business of producing and testing new concepts. New can be either old stuff prepared better than ever before or an intersectional innovation that has never been seen before. Trends are flowing globally in unpredictable ways, and a lot of innovations travel around the globe very fast, so that just in some months one revolutionary idea is used, embodied everywhere and therefore old. How can we live in such a chaotic business world, I was wondering.

One theme I want to reflect in this context is the flow of work.

Our Italian mate Eric sent to TA a great video about the development of the world. According to this … video the youth of 2000 will have 50 different work occupations in their lives, each personally. This is radical comparing to our parents, youth of 50s, who only had one-two jobs in their whole life. How is the society and current infrastructure prepared in this rapid changes in such a fundamental stampmaker as work? I experience difficulties in all the official agencies there are: taxation office because of having at least 4 different jobs /employees to pay tax for each year and it’s difficult to estimate the annual earnings, governmental pension centre that gives student support because I move so often that they get confused about my address and position and so on. The traditional governmental arrangements in the society are not at all prepared for the fast-moving youth. Who shall break this curse and do something about it – how? This is a target that needs urgent innovation.

In the other hand not only the work places change often, but in the current western economical crisis also the works from big employees are fading away. A generation of 2000 will work in professions that don’t even exist now. Most of these professions are innovated by small flexble ventures that till now have been treated as pieces of trash, but became an extremely valuable veapon agains unemployment in the financial crisis. More and more people start up companies by their own or with a small group of partners, and thus employ themselves. This phenomenon creates work flow towards small entrepreneur experts like Team Academy. More and more co-operatives are being created and need coaching in getting started. This means we have to innovate services for start-ups in networks. We have to innovate services that create immediate action, not services that create long-slace possible entrepreneurship because action you can always continue, but if a long term plan fails to get into action it’s like wasted time, money and work. Vision of having a network of professionals combining their power for the needs of life after industrialation is shaping in my mind.

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