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Just going through my inbox as I am doing the Notebook for the last Team Mastery session and I found this email from Henna dated at April 26th 2009. Enjoy! Ville

Liher Green Monkey

Ps. Special and big shout out goes to Liher aka Green Monkey (pictured above) as he made a quick comment about the non-working photo gallery of the last post. Thanks a lot! Kiitos!

Pauline and Henna in Arantzazu


In Team Mastery in the Basque Country we had the them of Brand Management and we used Monkey Business as an example. I want to share the results because this is magical. Enjoy and take care!

TEST QUESTION: What comes into your mind first when you think about
Monkey Business?

Kaisu: a phenomenon, strongly personalized with the people in it, different, fun

Liher: funky people having fun. Group of friends. You never know what comes out when you work, but it will surely be crazy and good. You are shakers of everything!

Henkka: Banana, yellow, fun, what are you doing? Are you doing anything? I doubt! Your brand divides people, either you love it or you hate it. It’s different.

Pauline: Dare to be different, no serious. Your product is some coaching…?? Customers have to be certain kind of people to understand you.

Sain: Clever people – sensation feeling! What exactly you do? Ville is the central person, Ville, no me. Ville with Yellow shirt. Innovative, funny, different, crazy, attractive.

Tapio: Good brand. Noticeable. Honest. Young. Future! They do serious things but they don’t give and advertise the feeling of being serious.

So this is how our friends see us. What do you think?

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