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It’s the time of the year that the Finnish summer gets warm and people get back to work. I wonder why our holidays tend to start from midsummer and end by the early August. Anyways here we are. But now worries it ain’t serious. Let’s start with a looong meeting over coffee, then go for lunch and ice cream. We had ice creams at the kiosk owned by three guys from Team Academy. They don’t take their business too seriously. Somebody went and did a tag on their wall but boys just added a little note under it saying… Well, see below for the photo.

Lilliputti wall art

Also I got a picture of Janne and Tatu. Here we go! Tonight we’ll have some crepes at Janne’s place and I am looking forward to that. Janne and Tatu had a good talk about if we should define our products or not. Janne made a connection to restaurant that also has a menu, so we started to talk about menu of Monkey Business.


Janne and Tatu.


And last, there’s a nice video I found through Makenubs videoblog which I originally found through Demos Helsinki Blog. I like it a lot, both the dance and the song. It’s something by Brodinski and Noob. I think we’ll use this video somewhere someday. Good stuff, enjoy!

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