Monkey Business Kick Ass Facilitation

We’ve had very interesting dialogue in our blog and also off line this Autumn about the products of Monkey Business. Also when visiting customers I have felt that sometimes a potential customer may be scared to buy from us.

Continuing the restaurant analogue: ”If you have never been to our -among top ten of the world- restaurant, how do you dare to enter?”


I am not saying that the people we meet and visit and talk to are stupid if they don’t want to buy our services, not at all, they are very smart indeed, but it is our joyful challenge to lower the barrier to buy from us. I believe it may be a bit weird and even scary if some guys come to meet you with yellow jeans and T-Shirt shouting out loud ”More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.” So what could be something easy to buy from us? Maybe a Monkey Business’ Kick-Ass Facilitation?

Now you may think ”what the heck is that”?

Let me explain. The idea is that when people get to together for example to kick off the season after the holidays it may be useful to hire a professional facilitator to plan and host the event. If you are a kick ass level leader and your team is the best in the world it may still that we could really help you to talk together and have a better dialogue by some little but smart system interventions. Esa Saarinen and Raimo Hämäläinen calls that Systems Intelligence.

dialogue_circleIt’s also a lot about creating the right atmosphere for learning and talking together. Japanese professors Nonaka & Takeuchi calls this a ”BA”. We like to mix that with ideas of Bohm and Isaacs about Dialogue and still drop in a twist of Experience Economy developed by Pine & Gilmore.

Yeah. Maybe? Keep it yellow! Ville

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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