GAZE International Workshop in San Sebastian

There I was, in an international workshop organized by GAZE, a project dedicated to drive entrepreneurship in Gipuzkoa, maybe?

Photo by Jose-Mari

I am very grateful to GAZE for inviting me there for the International Workshop on the 23rd-24th of September. I really appreciate that. Thus I feel a little anxious about writing this post. However, my recent thinking has been about what do I stand for and I guess I should say aloud what I think.

Coming here to this event has opened my eyes to how well Team Academy events are organized.

Or maybe I am just too brainwashed to listen long lectures. Or maybe we just come from totally different realities. I loose my attention span very quickly if the speaker doesn’t show interest towards the audience but only for his/her own work, and if the speech is only given on the intellectual level and does not involve the emotions of the audience nor the speaker. Make love or hate (preferrably love), but please, do not bore me. Is it the responsibility of a lecturer or the listener to enable learning about the topic? What is learning? I think it’s changing your behaviour. Did this event make me change my own behaviour? Yes, but it was my own speech that I gave that made me learn. Learning by doing.

I felt quite some anxiety before I started, I felt sad, even a little angry. Why I felt that was because the speeches before me were longer than they were supposed, we were running late, not enough coffee breaks to socialize, no check-in or introductions in the beginning. But I didn’t tell that to the audience. That was my mistake. Ville Hast taught me that when you speak from heart it is always right. And maybe because I didn’t tell people honestly how I felt my presentation was rather serious. I think that serious Monkey Business presentation have not been given before. Well, there’s time for everything, I think.

Here are the slides that I used to give a 20 minute speech. The questions were pondered upon in the audience for 3-5 minutes. I was the second last speaker of the day and the first one to make the audience work together. Interesting. I want more dialogue into the seminars. More show, less talk.

This coming Friday we will do a workshop together with Anita of Creative Impact here in Madrid. It’s exciting. Something I will do in the beginning is to start by telling how I feel, who I am and what do I believe in and what I think is important now. That’s a good starting point. Then we can get to know one another more.

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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