Friday – yellow reflection day!

This blog truly functions is a management tool for leading Monkey Business! A public channel of sharing the latest stuff is great for communication with frined all around the globe and also creates a bit of pressure for all the monkeys.



For example this book recommendation series that pops up each Friday has made me read more. Three books in 2 weeks is 60 % more than I normally read! If this happens for all of us in Monkey Business it means we are going to have increasing turnover in the coming months, because already while learning in TA we realized, that the teampreneurs who read the most, also bring the biggest income for the team company.

Why? Because the people who read became more mature, more capable to apply theory into practice and wiser in pricing their offers. (Despite the salary limit we have in Monkey Business we do have to admit that in this early stage a salary of  2940 euros for each of us each month more like  a goal, not like a limit.)

Right now I’m re-reading William Isaacs’ book Dialogue and the art of thinking together. Dialogue is so powerful tool in all the desicion making processes that reading this book at least once will help everyone’s life and business hugely. Dialogue is this weeks book recommendation and we post it in order to encourage everyone to jump into the journey of collective thinking with the principles of Listening, Suspending, Respecting and Voicing. Dialogue is conversation with center,  and it can bring out desicions nobody could expect when strating to talk. The book Dialogue is also a must read for all the teampreneurs in Team  Academy – that’s one of the sercrets of the high level of dialogue even in the penguin training sessions after the first half a year in da house.

So read, apply and amaze your community!


Keep it yellow!

Henna Monkey

P.S. Tiimiakatemia Book Shop has the delivery in demand for this and the other books recommended in this series.  Contact if you feel like taking immediate action!

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