Day 4 – for meetings with people you know but don’t expect to see on the places you go – magic of networks

Have you ever found a bunch of old friends when participating in an event with an interesting topic but unfamiliar organization? Or going to visit a place from where you know only one person, but while being there meet many other old friends too?


This kind of coincidences happen more and more in this small earth! And I think it’s an uplifting issue because ”intelligently accidental” human meetings bring extra joy in life. It just happened to me when I googled Survival Academy, an event I decided to participate to because the topic calls me to go, even though I don’t know the organization. However, by discovering better this I got to know that +15 of my friends are connected in that event and we’ll potentially meet up in there. Today the same phenomenon came when I met a friend called Oliver Saarinen with whom we participated, and while visiting his school I randomly met there a friend called Joonas Kallankari who was my team mate at in 2007. Long time, no see, but it’s definetely good to follow the curious path and choose to go in places where these good old friends can be found.

Try it today: google an event you are interested in, for example this: and see who you know out of the participants even though you might not know the organizers. Or make a date with a person you know for some cool reason but haven’t seen for a while, and see how many common friends / actions you have now. You will be surprised!

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