After long christmas break and a few strategy days in da new office sauna Monkeys are back in Monkey Business on the road now. It has been a day out at Turku and Savonlinna, Riga & Australia. Girs Johanna and Henna went to Turku for customer visits, boys Ville and Tatu went to Savonlinna for the same reason and Janne left to Riga for coaching Fire Souls. Hanne and Hugo have recently landed in Australia and Hugo has been spotted from the three as ape!

Well, how were the visits then…our scoring was one really good visit to Timali and one penguin level visit to YES keskus. 🙂 Good number of phonecalls and new visits booked for next week too. Learnings of the day were that we do need to understand that the language used when talking about Monkey Business and teampreneurship is rather confusing for people who haven’t been in TA learning programs and therefore don’t know the slang. 

We are now more than ever enthusiated about Sustis Innovation Camp – a year long training program for learning to produce new innovations and products with sustainable touch and LÄN = Creative Intelligenge and Flexibility coaching program for companies and learners. We have been talking about the good and bad ideas, and believe that these things are defenetely good to do! Maybe Sustis Innovation Camp will be done together with people from Karlskrona Master’s for Strategic Leadership for Sustainability program people, who have been working with us and will be coming to Ignition as well. Must think big – big business and thoughts are kingkong Business!

More Action. More Chaos. More Mistakes. More Learning.

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