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Yes! ”Life is human beings best time.”(Quote by Matti Nykaenen) We have spent the morning by cleaning our new Yellow Office. All five monkeys swinging with mops around floors, walls and toilet. Fun together! Maybe not the core substance of Monkey Business – but we found the life line from sauna.

It was really exiting to open the door to the new world which our friends Jerri&co had painted during Wednesday night. They are graffiti painters and we had not seen any sketch before hand. You step in and turn on the lights. It takes a moment and WOW! A lot of colors and amazing two different worlds at the back wall of training space (and sauna upstairs). Jungle, see, shark, huge Gorilla, VERY cool Monkey Business piece and a lot more.  Easier to change aspect, maybe. Experience Economys E as Escapism and E as Esthetics starts to match. We don´t want office – we want inspiring surroundings to live and meet friends/strangers. To make world more fun and yellow. When are you coming?


Picture above is drawn by Juhis, Tupsu -a really talented young gun from the Valley of Creativity. We need to save some space on walls for him also. Facinated about cartoons & drawings? Order your own comic strip now from Juha Matti Kinnunen, Cheerful Monkey.



ps. Really living mind expanding times. New office and my younger son Paavo starts to crawl at any moment…

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Participating individuals in various development processies since 2005 in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Island and Oman in focus to create an organization from future. Yellow playful and sincere. My goal is to make people think and act differently. A total nongeek. Specialties: Participatory Leading Methods, focused on early stages of change processies, culture change, interaction cultures and systems thinking / pragmatism. Yellow clothing! Entrepreneurship, innovation, personal mastery, climbing, learning. Voicing - speaking from heart, raising stupid questions. Suomeksi: Simppeliyskonsultti jonka ydintä on saada ihmiset tekemään kokeiluja jotta syntyy uutta ja asioiden tila muuttuu. #kokeilukulttuuri #kokeilut #oppiminen TEKIJÄ ON SANKARI - AINOA EPÄONNISTUMINEN ON ETTEI OPI, MITÄÄN!

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