Book Recommendation: Synchronicity – The inner path of leadership by Joseph Jaworski

I first saw this book in the hands of Rowan Simonsen, one of the hosts in the AoH Karlskrona seminar we organized exactly a month ago. Few days later a friend lent it to me and it’s been probably one of the most inspirational books I have read in my life.

During the book Joseph shares his own personal journey, but helps a lot to reflect the reader’s journey as well:

Who am I?
Why am I in the journey?
What is this journey all about?
Why am I really here?
What is my higher purpose in life?

We all have plans, ideas, projects, dreams…therefore we all are in a journey. Jaworski asks: “Are you serious about this?are you serious about dedicating yourself to what needs to be done to achieve it?Are we deeply committed to creating what we truly want for its own sake?”


He shared that the American Indians and The Samurai were warriors that were so open that they were ready to die for the cause. Monkey Business being a travel agency for superheroes, are we Samurais enough?

Jaworski shares one very important thing, and I fully agree, that one of the big mistakes we do is that we get blinded with all the day-to-day tasks. Myself personally for some reason I tend to end up being hands full in projects, emailing…complaining that I don’t have time for reflection. Ville once told me: “ Liher, you have the time to reflect but it’s yourself who chooses not to take it”. And it’s totally true. It’s always very easy to leave apart the reflection and the book reading, which is as important as taking action in the learning process.

Strongly recommended book for the Monkeys preparing the Solo Experience.

Have a great yellow weekend!

Liher, The Green Monkey

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