What is Our Story?

Here’s a post taken from my first blog ”Flow of Meaning” that I had written in late 2007. I find it’s pretty timely even today. -Ville Monkey

I just learned about it from a Finnish Entrepreneur Jari Sarasvuo from his book Huomiotalous – Diilin opetukset (freely translated – Notion Economy – insights from The Finnish version of TV-show Apprentice: Diili). He stresses a lot the story of a company. Too many companies today lack a story. A story that changes people both within and outside the company. He asks us to ask ourselves:

”What in our story signifies hope, feeling of control, love and calls for growth? How these promises change the reality both inside our company as well as outside world?”

Ok, so this is the mission, right? He continues:

”If you and your friends in your company could create history, should you? If you could rewrite the rules of your field, why would you not do that?”

Let us all ask ourselves:

”How does the world become a better place, if our story becomes a reality?”

And we want to make the world a better place, I think. We need a strategy: how can we make this happen? Strategy is very much connected to leadership. A story is a strong tool for leaders. If you don’t have the story, you are probably lost. Do people know about your story? Who wants to be part of our story of creating revolutions of teams and team learning?

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