Monkey Business Christmas Calendar Day 1

December is here. It’s quite cold, -10 or so. I am here in a train from Helsinki to Jyväskylä in a good company of Samuli the forestman. He sends warm greetings to you all. And it is time to open our Christmas Calendar. The idea is that from now on you can find a blog post on our blog every day until the 24th of December. Last year we did it too, but somehow the last post was done on the 15th or 16th. I guess we moved into the holiday spirit after that.

A View from San Sebastian

I am on my way home from Basque Country. I have visited there twice a year since 2007, that makes it 8 times. I like the place very much, nice people, goood food, relaxed culture, interesting conversations and so on. This time was good reflections about the future of Team Academy of Tecnalia, Service Design Thinking and new illustrations by Lady My and Pernan, for example. Somehow I feel very relaxed after this journey, even though I come home with a bit of a flue. I am in a situation where there is time and room to think what to do next, as I have just finished a big project that kept me busy for over 6 months, Apps4Finland. Now it’s time to do something different. Maybe it’s a further development and sales of the Mental Models Game. Maybe it’s some iPhone apps. Maybe development of the Team Academy international network. Maybe something to do with semantic web. Maybe a new clothing brand. Maybe some more team coaching. Or podcasts and MonkeyTV youtube -videos. Who knows? I don’t know. But I am confident that with my fellow yellow monkeys I will find something seriously fun to do. I am excited. So now I have time to write blog this month, keep the Christmas calendar alive. Also, I think other monkeys will be writing as well, so I am confident we will rock the December with you. Please let us know what you think through comments, likes etc. and let’s connect. I promise to respond to every comment, as I am trying to learn what this social media is all about.

Many warm regards, a big hug!

Ville Monkey

Ps. For the Finnish speakers, and friends who use Google Translations, a different calendar will be open at the Finnish blog of ours.

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